Business Lines

Ceyhan Fabrication Facility is specialized in 3 major business lines:

Structural Steel Fabrication

Over 210,000 tons of structural steel have been fabricated as of today.

Pipe Spool Fabrication

Over 25,000 tons of pipe spool have been fabricated as of today.

Module Fabrication

Over 45,000 tons of steels have been fabricated as of today.


Facility Profile

Ceyhan Fabrication Facility was established in 1993 with a view to centralize the company’s steel structure fabrication activities.

Favourable Location

Due to its proximity to the motorway and two major Mediterranean ports of Turkey, İskenderun and Mersin, providing a major advantage for the facility in receiving raw materials and worldwide delivery of skilfully fabricated items.

Well Trained Personnel

It employs over 1,200 skilled well trained direct and indirect personnel at full capacity. The Facility holds the same strict Quality and HSE requirements also for its own personnel, as well as subcontractors and third parties involved in its manufacturing activities.

Well Equipped

Ceyhan Fabrication Facility is equipped with full shot blast, CNC flame cutting and coping facilities, plate rolling machine, sawing and drilling lines, automated beam welding line and automated welding equipment, CNC horizontal drilling/milling machines.

High Capacity

The facility’s yearly capacity is over 30,000 tons of fabricated steelwork and 400,000 WDI of prefabricated pipe spools. Over 280,000 tons of structural steel and pipe spools have been fabricated as of today and shipped worldwide.